1. An Offering

From the recording In Search of the Way

©2016 Noah Derksen (SOCAN/ASCAP). All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission only.


Oh Lord, here I stand
Oh Lord, with these fragile hands
Oh Lord, will the stars ever align
My soul’s escaping and I am awakened
Oh Lord, just take this offering
It’s all I have to bring, please end this suffering
Oh Lord, this is what I give to you
It is my decree to let the angels sing

Oh Lord, just go on and kill me
Oh Lord, just go on and kill me if you can
Oh Lord, well is that even up to you
Now I’m forsaken or just mistaken
Oh Lord, I forgive you
For all the wrong you do and all you have put me through
Oh Lord, it was not I that did create the sin I’m forced to make
But your will be done, and so on earth we hum

Where are you now — I’m in need of saving
Where are you now — the tomb is vacant
Oh Lord, oh Lord
Oh Lord, oh Lord

Oh Lord, my hands are shaking
Oh Lord, I fear I’m fading
Oh Lord, are you in the air I breathe
My soul’s escaping, and I have awakened